Thursday, July 5, 2012

CJ's 21st Birthday

21, best age ever! 

CJ was saying that he needs to work on Monday (his birthday) because it was end of consumer fair, and that would be how he celebrates his birthday. 
Out of his surprise, the family decided to celebrate with him on Sunday, so he still needs to work on Monday lol
Even before his birthday dinner, he was working on the accounts. What a busy man...

He wanted to poke me with the stick when I took my camera out. It's a nightmare for him because I took lots of photos to satisfy.

His presents

He untied the cake himself.
Put the candles himself
Light the candles himself
Sing birthday song himself lol
Cut the cake himself
Endless work for him even on this birthday.

The new hero: KEY MAN

Top student loves to eggs. Eat more eggs, students!

I don't know why he must peel the egg above his sister =.="
After peeling...

He put the whole egg into CJ's mouth wtf

Why got people so bo-liao!? He peeled the egg shell for the skin.

Brotherly love <3

We love you too CJ

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