Monday, July 30, 2012

Hair of the Day

This was Friday, urm, not that outdated right? Because I don't normally blog when I am outside for the whole day, and I don't normally blog on the weekend because weekend has lesser readers, and we normally busy having fun during the weekend, right? But it depends on my mood. 

I tried out this hair bun on Friday. Supposedly wanna make it looked sporty but it turned out so girly like a bride.  

I always use my cam to check the side and back view of my hair. Here's a little view of my room.

Here's another side.

Back view.
My hair is long and I don't have eyes behind so it's kinda hard for me. I only can "feel" it.

Added a ribbon to make myself not too bride-y.

He is my childhood friend, and soon to be Drag Queen I guess. lol

Insta photo by @zachisnotdead. He wanted to take a pic of me and my kitty, but...I'm not sure why I was photogenic in the morning but not in the noon =.="

I went to my first sungkai at Bello cafe. "Good value of Sungkai 3 course set @$9.90 only: Black galaxy/tire juice, 3 choices of main course, either nasi lemak with fried chicken, or beef rendang with rice, or spaghetti bolognese with meat balls, and choco lava cake pudding."

I ordered tiro juice and the bolognese. It's OK for me because I'm not a bolognese fan.

Their signature dessert, lava cake! 

My new semester starts today! So I am staying in hostel again. It took me hours to upload these pics because the connection here is very low. x.x

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~Pinkie~ said...

u look good in both when hair tied up and put down..^_^