Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I don't eat kuih

Do you like to eat layer cake layer by layer?
Most kids like to eat that way I guess, just like we did.

Random fact about me: I don't really like to eat kuih, there's no reason for it, kuih is just not my thing. Unless someone have bought it, and ask me to eat, I'll still eat. The only kuih I eat is chai kuey. Urm, is chay kueh consider as kuih? =.=

I don't eat nasi lemak or nasi katuk too. However, just like kuih, if someone buys it and ask me to eat, I will eat. These are foods that I dislike, but I can eat.

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~Pinkie~ said...

i dont eat those 9-layered kuih or the green green with glutinuous rice below it.. just dont like.. haha~~