Thursday, June 21, 2012

Mochi Contest

Wow wow technology now, you don't even need to spend money to organise a contest, a Facebook is enough, for free!

I have joined few contests on FB.
1. Being creative with apples organised by Apple Hotel at Kuala Lumpur. I google searched my fav apple photo and submitted. Almost got sued because all the contestants were too creative I thought they also google search their photos! I read the terms and conditions a lot of times and confirmed there was no mention we must use our own photo and no plagiarism. 

2. Musical broadway organised by Laneige. I dressed as Burlesque. 

3. and should have few more contests that I joined but I don't remember. 

I don't really support this kind of contest, and I feel annoying of myself asking people to vote me like I'm so thick face =.="
I am very sure of this, contests in FB, if you just create an album and ask you members or fans to vote the contestants, I don't think much people will give a damn about it.
If the contestants share their photo on their FB saying "Friends, please vote me." not much friends will care too!
Then contestants need to do hard work to ask their friends one by one to vote them. It works because I do that too lol but I only ask my close friends, THAT'S WHY until now when other contestants have 200+ 300+ Likes and I just have 80+ Likes only. x.x

There's contestant who even commented other contestant's photo to ask for votes. Then the contestant was not very happy and asked that contestant to delete the comment lol and that contestant argued "U also commented mine!" lol too much jokes there.

You will ask, why I don't support but I still join? Because my friend ask me to join lol yea, that's the main reason actually.
And I wanna try my luck to win an iPad, but I'm not doing hard work to ask friends to vote me!!! :(
Confirm I cannot go Top 10 to let the organisor to put outside their shop and ask customers to vote. The chance of winning that iPad is so small.

So if u guys support me, please click HERE to vote me. 

Thank you I love you!

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