Monday, June 4, 2012

My week in photos

As I mentioned in the previous posts, my Taiwan relatives came to Brunei and we brought them to eat at everywhere. 

Ate dim sum at Emperor's Court

We visited Kampong Ayer since even the Bruneians never visit Kampong Ayer before. 

The monkey was catching fishes using a small "fish cage"

One of the houses in Kampong Ayer

So tan lol

We went to visit the proboscis monkeys.
According to the tour guide, only 1000 proboscis monkeys left in this world.
We saw 2 on that day.
I didn't know proboscis monkeys don't eat banana, but mangrove leaves. They'll die if they eat other foods.
And I saw the mangrove trees don't actually have much leaves left :(

The next day we went to Kimball for dinner and karakoke.

Thursday was a holiday, so we had dinner at my house on Wednesday. 

Was so boring on Sunday, so I arranged the books and tidy up my car.

On Sunday night, there was no current in Seria town
But Kaizen still running the business. 

Met up Eldy and Yuet L. for candle light dinner at Kaizen

I drew her

Always happy to see my cosmetics in this cabinet. 
Lots of masks and skin care there, makes me feel pretty even though just looking at it *eww*

Thinking for a long time which cosmetic bag I want to use. They are all so pretty.

Met this handsome boy at Baiduri. I see him everywhere I go!

Yesterday, I really got nothing to do although my bestie, Carol, was back to Brunei, but I didn't get to meet this busy woman. 
So I went to the salon, did my hair and...I'll show you next time. Because I didn't look nice no matter how I take the picture.

When I asked for magazines, they gave me the 2006.
I opened the book and left it there, didn't feel like reading because it's really so out-to-date =.="


Plumi said...

wow, did you cook that dinner? looks delicious! ^_^ also love your hair colour, pretty pretty!

EaHui said...

haha no, my mom cooked it. Thanks for loving my hair color, I love it too, but I have dyed another color that day.