Tuesday, June 5, 2012

BBQ with the CV

Few days ago I tweeted this because my close friends were going to their CV gathering. Since I'm not CV-ian, I hesitated if I should join them when they invited me. 
I ended up joining them! No more *forever alone*!

We had BBQ

Carol was back to Brunei for a day!
I took this picture when I still couldn't believe Carol was in front of me talking to me, and not in Face Time.
She got slimmer, longer hair and prettier. 
I didn't realise, although we Face Time quite often, you can imagine how messy she is when she FT.

Photo Fail.
I dislike this kind of photo, I don't know why some people take such photo =.=

Aiyooo the quality *sigh*

Hi, I have white teeth :D

LOL ok so boring, like the gathering only have 2 people.
Well, I don't know the others ba~~ paiseh take picture with them.

Young VS Old man drinking espresso at this time.

We played games!

OK~ what a force smile.

He was craving for mee sua. 
He kept doing the "fish mouth" and stopped when I wanted to take a picture of him.

So this guy helped him to do the fish mouth lol

Can throw phone already with this kind of quality.
BOO Apple...

So I got a lot of hugs on that night, coz that's what they do. lol
And talked to few new friends and that's what they call "Sharing".
Not all CV-ians are hard to communicate lol

and this is me welcoming Carol at the airport :D
and she gave me the tired face when she saw me hmph


CuteRabbit Land said...

lol i didnt show tire face actually. guess is my make up that too little so u thought me tire. hehe i was so touched to see u and definitely happy. I love eahui soooos much

CuteRabbit Land said...

i was touched to see u hehehe coz before i left and when im back u always there. ur such a good friend. we shall see soon . i love u