Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Week in Photos

Bought this sandals in KL. Shops there are selling this kind everywhere. I actually had my eye on another green perfect pair that has that kind of Indian design but it doesn't have my size :( After that I saw lots of other pairs with other colors but I still like a green one.

Smiley faces under the sandals.

Went to Charcoal last Saturday and it was like the BEST dinner ever. Probably was too hungry. 
The corn shop with chips is yummy. 
Peach Mango drink is refreshing.
That mint lamb chop sluuurp.

My medium steak with roasted potato with cheese. 
(bad idea to type this now - 10.06pm)

Chilling alone at Au Lait while waiting for my dad doing his massage.
Damn it I read this month's CLEO a lil bit too late that I realised inside include few Sephora vouchers. Could have spent it when I was in KL. 

This bun is super high and big that it looks like a monument. A stranger asked how did I tie my hair. Not that bad looking huh since someone is interested in it. 

Watch this cool stuff:

How I wish I have the guts to play these trills. The times I dare to play are when I'm mad or too sad. 

Oh ya, went to Consumer Fair at Bridex too. The fair is more or less the same thing everytime. Hope there's something new in the next fair. All I bought were foods including the green chilli Indomee which has been on the social medias recently. After that I saw Huaho is selling it too =.=" Then it's not special anymore. The all-time-favorite moment was food testing :P Just one round, you're able to try snacks, noodle, drinks, desserts, etc and a lil bit of those is enough for an empty stomach. hehe I do buy them if I like it. 

That's my week and hope u all have a nice week too. See ya!

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