Monday, December 22, 2014

Finally met Baby Arthur

I feel so guilty and unbelievable for not updating for a month, how can that happen!? Every time I wanna blog but just too tired to do so (Damn, I'm like saying this in every post, but it's true). It takes me few hours to write a good post, so yea. 

Finally I met this little boy, Arthur, after 9 months. If you don't know, he's Carol's son. He smiles always and is a very cute boy. I don't see toys in their house when I visited them, aiya, this Carol ah, she didn't buy any toys for him. But recently I saw some toys with Arthur through online so I believe his mom had bought him some.

I last seen Carol in March when she was still pregnant. Then one day she fell sick. Brunei doctors couldn't cure her then she went to Kuching. Although I went to her house the day before she went to Kuching, but I didn't see her as she was really unwell. I texted her the day she went to Kuching but for two days she didn't reply and she seemed like didn't even see her phone. Till I saw a post on Facebook which was really shocking and broke my heart. She was in ICU and in coma. She got tonsils but it's way more dangerous than normal patient who got tonsils. It was scary.

Every day I got Carol's situation updated from the sister. It can be a good news today, and bad news the next day. So my mood was like a roller coaster. I felt hopeful for a time, and so upset the next second. Then after that I knew it was an induced coma because she was in a great pain so doctors made her to sleep.

It was great to know Carol finally woke up after, I guess 3-4 weeks. Then she started to go through this treatment to make her recover. She was in pain too :'(. During her painful times, it was my down times too. I wanted to go visit Carol so much but I couldn't really make it. Ok, I guess I can finally reveal a bit. I was kinda hard to go Malaysia this year because I got arrested by the Malaysia Immigration for some stupid reason which really freaks me out which they made it so serious but actually it's not that serious. Then something something made my trips to Malaysia VERY troublesome.

It's was touching to see Carol now who is active and crazy like before. She's very optimistic where her happiness can actually influence others. I believe she recovers not only because she's strong, but also the support she got from the family and friends, especially her husband.

I don't know how many guys now can be supportive till the end like her hubby. It's not an easy task to look after a patient, for a long period some more. I got this thought recently, from what I have experienced and seen, guys (majority) nowadays are so not reliable (no matter financially or loyalty). I feel lucky that Carol has a hubby who can look after her during her hard times.

Saying the marriage vows during the wedding is not for fun. Some people say it because it's like a usual process in a wedding but how many can keep the promise? "I take you to be my wife/husband, to have and to hold from this day forward for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death do us apart...." And her hubby said "Marriage is about life time commitment in good times and tough times". 

I wish, I can marry someone who really loves me and I love him too ofcourse, and take care of me, spend the happiness and down times together, for life :D

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Anonymous said...

why u cant go malaysia easily now? why u got arrested ? =O