Thursday, July 21, 2011

满足的晚餐 (A satisfying dinner)

This Tuesday I had a briefing in the morning and a meeting in the evening, so I was so free + bored in the noon.

I watched "Mr. Popper's Penguin" with a friend, we both didn't find it funny like how my friends described. Some said, "prepare ur tummy to be turned upside down... freaking hilarious and kewtt!!"; and some said "I couldn't stop laughing". It was just OK for me, some of the audiences laughed, but I slept for few minutes in the cinema.

I normally go to Barely There, my friend's shop, to look for her whenever I'm bored.

What a coincidence that another friend was there, so Carol and me were invited to his restaurant and tried out the deep sea grouper that he bought. So, we had our dinner there, at Pondok Sari Wangi.

picture taken by duan
Ma Po Toufu
is a bit spicy, but damn delicious.
It suits my taste.

The deep sea grouper, 1.7 kg.
Can be eaten by 10 people, but this was eaten by only 3 of us. It was tasty wa~
The manager was happy that we 2 girls ate a lot of rice.

We had desserts and coffee after the dinner :D
picture taken by duan
picture taken by duan

Satisfying night :)
Ended up I didn't go to the meeting lol

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