Friday, July 22, 2011

Money Chua

Was browsing through the albums, and found that my brother was really cute when he was a kid.
I like babies, especially those starting from 2 months old, they are chubby and nice to play with.

Before my brother was born, I dislike kids and thought they are annoying. I don't smile at babies, but only smile at guys at that time.
Only after my brother was born, I started to love kissing him, hug him and make him cry.

And that's when I love babies!!!

Oh ya, back to the title, why Money Chua? Because his Chinese name slightly sounds like "money" in Hokkien.


that was my clothes

that's banana without skin peeling off

he got a long brows

He used to sing this almost everyday when he got home from the kindergarten.

Then he starts becoming not that cute anymore...

Now, he's annoying.

This is my cousin.
Now, she hates me because she thinks that I like to disturb kids.

Ok, now I let you laugh at me.
Or you may feel shock that I was horrible last time.


Pondok Sari Wangi Restaurant said...

The last picture really is you?

雅雅 Yaya said...

yes, really me. was a bit chubby last time. It was just few years ago.