Sunday, July 24, 2011

Ho jiak! Jin ho jiak! (好吃!真好吃!)

HOHO! It's like a weekly routine already. Every weekend I can eat ho-liao made by my friends.

picture by duan
Banana Flambe
by Thanis
The most interesting part is the flame on the banana

Pasta by Thanis too if not mistaken lol

OH! I ate a lot of crabs too by PSW!
I was busy eating and forgot to take a picture of it.
Now I'm feeling to eat them again.


Sometimes, things come all together at the same time and I don't know which one to do first.

I'm trying to organize them well.

- I'm planning to organise a garage sale, but I'm afraid not much people will come if I make it in Seria.

- If I fail to organise the garage sale, I would sell my things online. I hope it will be successful.

- I'm thinking of a business idea, because I want to join the iCentre business idea competition if my uni schedule is not too packed. Just for fun. hehe

- Uni is reopening soon, so I need to choose my module wisely.

- I got a performance. I hope it's not going to be a last minute cancel. This is not hard I guess, because it's a solo dance. No one knows if I got it wrong lol

- And something made me a bit down when I received a call this morning about my part time job, I hope it's going to be fine.

Give me suggestions if you can, or you want to make these together with me, it's my pleasure. Then you're gonna be my 贵人 and I appreciate it.

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