Monday, June 3, 2013

We potluck!

It's always tired to have the childhood friends reunion because most of the time it's held at my house, and that's mean I'll be the maid of the night. But still Ok, it's fun every time to hear stories and the funny stuffs. 

My friends are good chefs. 

We finally got separated :'( 
We were classmates for 20 years since 3 years old. We studied in the same school, college and uni, we took the same courses, same tuition schools, same modules in uni, same CCA, same group in projectS, like seriously, everything's the same. Who knows in the future we may be working in the same company lol

Like a wedding photo haha

Played games and these are my drawings!

I'm too good in the game, just had a fish on my forehead. 

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