Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Dumpling Festival 端午节 2

I went to the beach just now. Not that much people like years back, but still a lot of people. I didn't see any kids playing sand castles :(

So my grandma asked me to feed 海龙王 (king of the sea). Wanted to go deeper but I didn't dare to bring my cousin any further, because her parents were watching haha. When the wave came, it was actually until my knee already. 

His first time joining this culture. He brought binoculars lol but felt paiseh to use after that. Wanted to use that to see girls maybe. 


On this day, people will make the eggs stand on the ground at around 12-1pm. I always miss the chance of doing this! Last time was because I had school, but now it's because I always oversleep. And this year I totally forgot about it till I see people Instagram their eggs! sigh, have to wait another year again. 
They said you don't have to do anything, just carefully place the egg on the ground then it will stand. 

p.s: Some of you asked me about Gohan. Gohan has decided their date for soft opening on June 15th! It's located at Howsten building (beside Kiarong Baiduri Bank Block A), 1st floor.  

p.p.s: I'm renting out rooms at Mata-mata, with aircon, has washroom in every room, with bed, cabinet and a table. Opening for rent around August. Contact me if interested. 

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