Saturday, June 1, 2013

My 23rd Birthday Part 2

Few days ago, DT treated me a birthday dinner at Yi-Hah-Hai seafood restaurant in Miri. This place is by the river.

Beautiful sunset with a dry river =.=

I love seafood!

We ordered a fish maw soup...

Red wine billing, 1 kg of clam, 1kg of that spiral thing, asam fish and 1kg of crabs!
We were ready to tapao because we thought we couldn't finish them, but we finished it and not too bloated for me. All these were finished by 2 persons only!
 And the foods are very delicious. 

Birthday gift from DT, Philippine's mango ice cream! My fav flavour.  

On my birthday, I received this funny faces from Evon in NY. Awww...

Kitty skin cares from Carol in Singapore! cute.

Cute instructions.

Kitty perfumes from my dad.

So happy to receive this. I asked Chien to help me buy these, 40 mask sheets from Korea~ It's cheaper there.

Lastly, to show you the music piano box done by me. It's like a 3D puzzle and I feel like an engineer making this. This made me thought of Yuet Ling so I gave this to her. Gonna get another one for myself because it's so cute! and feel relax when I turn that thing to play the music. 

Been so sleepy these days because I've been taking medicine for my cough. Coughing gets serious every night x.x It's been more than a week. Wanna get recover asap because I wanna drink cold drinks and eat my mango ice cream! zzz....

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