Friday, June 28, 2013

Hello Kitty fever

Mc Donald is releasing another Hello Kitty again. The Mc Donald outlets, in every countries, are always insane when new Kitty is released. People Q for hours just for those soft toys. They are just soft toys right? If I'm not mistaken.

The kitty set.

 The 9Gags during Hello Kitty fever:

Some people buy a lot and sell them.

Look at the bids! SGD$100 000+!!??? I believe people are still bidding. 
Hello Kitty fans siao already, get a soft toy for more than SGD$126,000!??? I can buy so many branded bags with that money. 

Mc D looking at this long Q and says "Ba la ba ba ba, I'm loving it!"

Ling got a Kitty plane for me, she said because I told her that we have to sit Kitty airline together one day ^^
So it's like a 聘礼 (a gift from a guy to the girlfirend as a promise that he will marry her). So we promised each other that we are gonna fly with kitty airline together one day. I can't see a future in this, so about 30% of chances to have this thing come true lol Gonna make effort to make this come true.

It's a candy plane.

Recently, my dreams seemed so real that I confused whether it was a dream or what. One of the dreams was, I was in a pretty and luxurious hostel of UBD, my friends and I gathered in my room and we drank beer and chill. It seemed so real that I thought really hard whether I have finished my uni or not, whether I have sit for the exams or not. Thought so hard that I realised it was a dream. Funny huh.

That's all for today, have a nice weekend dolls.

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