Saturday, December 19, 2009

On the way to Miri

On the way to Miri, we saw a guy riding a bicycle with lots of stuffs. I was talking to Hua and so he didn't want to interrupt. But after I done my talking, he told me, "That guy was on newspaper, he traveled thousands of countries."

NO! how could he told me when we were far away from him and almost reached the custom. If he had said it earlier, FOR SURE, I will stopped by the roadside, take a pic with him and have him to solve my curiosity.

"How he manage to travel thousands of countries? By how? and how he earns money all the way?"

"Where does he come from?"

"Doesn't he need to stamped his passport when it's about to expire?"

"Did he go back to his own country all this time?"

"Or he actually want to travel around and not planning to go back?"

"Married? any children?"

Dang, so much questions!!

He's an english man, told by Hua. Beside these few info, he knows nothing more. :(

Had a traffic jam towards Brunei custom, I said happily, " YES!!!"

Hua, " I didn't know traffic jam is a good thing =.=."

And I was wishing the guy could ride faster so we can meet.

Hua said he met him on the way at Sg liang going to Seria. OHH!! How many people have this chance to meet this kind of traveler!!?? What a lucky guy who don appreciates and take opportunity. aiks...

Disappointed :(

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