Tuesday, December 15, 2009

How to Detox

Detoxification, or detox for short is the removal of toxic substances from the body.

Ben Kim said, "Rather than fast one day a week on water only, for most people, it makes more sense to do a juice fast one day a week, or even once a month. With a juice fast, you can supply your body with enough nutrients that you don't have to deplete the sugar stores in your liver and muscles, or break down a lot of your muscle tissue. At the same time, because the nutrients in freshly pressed juices are so easily digested, a one-day juice fast can ease digestive burden and enhance ongoing detoxification to some degree.

But let's be clear: the main benefit of a one-day juice fast is not significant detoxification; it's a concentrated period of rest for your digestive organs, and an opportunity for the organs that are responsible for ongoing detoxification (liver, kidneys, skin, and lungs) to do a little extra health-promoting work."

Detox makes u healthier and look younger.

To do detoxification,

You need:

Purple cabbage

Yellow pear (produces more juice) and carrot

Green Apple (red apple makes u fat)



Cucumber whitens your skin and pineapple


Put them in water for abt 15-30 min or more to remove the pesticide.

Cut them and u start to make juices!
ONLY juice, no 渣.

Divide them so u know the amount.

Mix them and it will become purplish.

Detox for 3 days continuously every month.
Two 1-litre bottles a day.
If finish, drink water.
You only can drink the two bottles of juices, no food at all!
At the same time, eat Protein, B-Complex, Bio-C, calcium and magnesium, Garlic & licorice and Daily. These vitamins prevent u to feel dizzy and sick.
I eat Nutrilite. So I'm not sure whether other vitamins work.

I don't feel hungry drinking the juices.
I burp a lot.
Fart too. opps XD

Just don't 'lure' me by showing my fav. foods.

Do not eat heavy foods after u done ur detox.

1st - 3rd day = Drink juices

4th day = Drink juices, eat fruits, drink vege soup

5th = fruits, steamed vege w/o oil but u can put a lil olive oil, minced meat, juices

6th day = minced meat, vege, fruits and juices

7th day = a lil rice, a lil vege, a lil meat.

then u can eat normally.

If u eat heavily after 3 days of drinking juices, u'll get sick.

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