Saturday, December 19, 2009

Fun holiday

I start eating vege today! Steamed vege are tasteless lo :(

Tomorrow going to Miri to shop around. May be window shopping.
And also go to Parkson to have a look because I have this book of voucher. Vouchers of all the shops in parkson.

I always want to do manicure, but it's always expensive :(
If I pay to do manicure, I don't like the simple one. I like 3D stuffs.
I asked Nail and Wax at Kiulap, it costs $10 per finger. x.x

Love this x'mas design.
More designs here
But she's singaporean :(

Looking forward to go KK!
I want to shop till I drop!
I want to shop for clothes, shoes, bags, etc. It will be good if there's cheap 3D manicure ^^

Our Island plan canceled. If island, then I'll try diving.

2006 Form 5 Batch BBQ gathering is on this Sunday!
Then KK.
And also excited for Teng's birthday party at Rizqun. Because of nice foods and swimming pool! no! my 'new year' is around those days x.x

Then 'Chloe' cast and crews BBQ!

YOHOOOO holidaii~

My 8 yrs-old bro has a new glasses because his degree increases,

Hua : 你的眼镜在那里做?(where u do ur glasses?)

Bro: 眼镜店咯. (optic store lo)

Hua: =.="

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