Thursday, December 3, 2009

Bed time story

Urhemz, feel thirsty after reading + studying my Japano.

Yay! Yay! Friday last day of test! Looking forward to shopping at KK!
Gonna buy lots lots lots of stuffs. Bags, heels, 2010 clothes, etc etc.

Yesterday, 'The Winner (a taiwan tv channel)" had the topic 自我感觉良好. Meaning someone thinks that himself is good/best.

One of them thinks that they have nice body.
One thinks that they are pretty because people said so.
One think that he's handsome.
And all thinks that they can win in this argument.

I have this kind of personality inherited by Chua family ^^
Not only me, my whole family has this inside of them.

People sometimes feel disgust or uncomfortable with this kind of people.
For me, I'm OK with this kind of people.

A friend told me that, "You always say urself pretty."
Nope, I don't say that. I would say that as a joke, because I know I'm not.
I will only say, "Do u think I'm looking good?"
People will say, "Yes"
I, "oh, leng zai-s might be attracted by me later."
SEE! This is ur fault because u told me that I'm pretty XD
Ah hua also got attracted by my prettiness wa.
But the first time ah hua saw me, I was in my ugli-est condition. Flesh came out from my head because of car accident, ewww eww ewww...

Who doesn't want themselves to be pretty in a party or going out to shopping?
That person is crazy if he wants to go out ugli-ly.
Going to a party, I would always make myself in the best condition.
Going into the party, there's always a wind blowing towards me.

Ah Hua always says, "Baby, U look good!"
U see u see! U guys add on my confidence to think myself is pretty, even tho I'm not the main character.

What's wrong to confirm myself that I'm pretty?
I won't go out if I'm ugly, who will? U?
Should put it in this way. U would also think that u're pretty, but U never say it out.
But we are the kind who will speak out.

If u think that why we say ourselves are pretty.
Like "The Winner" said, "你看不到一般人看到我们的好处。“
"You cannot see what we have that others can see" urg, confusing in english.

I'm not that bad kan, beside having the worst skin ever.
I'm pretty, sexy bitchy me~

Lucky that I don't have big boobs.
Big as in D. I have C okay~
If not I always show off complain that big boobs annoy me.

If a wear a little bit fit top, ah Hua will says, "wa, big also"
U C U C! this is call 有眼光。

Now 1.36 am. Still not feeling sleepy.
Have been sleeping late nowadays. A culture of holiday...
Oh, give me liqour please, wanna have a good sleep.

Ok, next story.

Hmmm....I like to drink nice alcohol.
But I don't like to get drunk.
I'm scared of people getting drunk and I have to clean them up.
So when there's party at my home, I always warn my friend better not to vomit on the floor.
Or my friends will be the one who clean up.

Love sitting there chatting and drinking.
Isn't that more peaceful and less troublesome.
It's fun to get drunk in some other places where u do not actually have to clean up urself.
But nah, I would never want myself to join the drunkards.

It's good not to get drunk, because u could watch how funny ur friends are when they get drunk.
I always the one who laugh the loudest.

Only once that I get drunk accidentally when chatting and accidentally drank too much,
but luckily it was at my home, so I could sleep straight away.
But the next day boomed by my mom saying that how could I get drunk just a little bit of liquor.
Hmm, my mom a good drinker huh.
I don't drunk easily one lor.

Well, time to sleep.

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