Monday, December 14, 2009

Taiwan 慧慈

If you watch Taiwan show, u might know 慧慈 (hui ci). A lady who is famous of her style, voice tone and her finger. I think she 1st appear at 分手擂台 (fire),and 沈玉林 (producer of entertainment shows) spotted her and invited her to entertain on TV.

Her unique-ness really make people laugh a lot, and some hate her style. People will think this kind of person will never become a star, but, sometimes this kind of a bit 'mental' problem (sot sot) kind of people brings entertainment to people, and, can make money on this kind of 'talent'.

search on youtube and type her name and u will see how famous she is. 许纯美 also lose. XD

Told my mom that I want to do detox. I thought she will scold because doing detox, u cannot eat for 3 days and only drink juices / water.

I thought for a long time because this Sunday, I have a BBQ party.
I love BBQ!
This is the first time that I have to look at people eat, and I can only smell.
I have no choice because I have a weird skin. :(
I can do anything for my skin, it's only one time missing BBQ...


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