Sunday, December 13, 2009

I got my part time salary!

Went to I-lotus to celebrate Hua's mami's birthday.

Ate steamboat and BBQ. It's "eat all u can!". But wastage of foods has to pay $3 per 100 gm.

Very nice...many choices. Sotong, lamb chop, balls, etc.

Today's the last day of GHK roadshow.

In these 3 days of doing part time:

- VERY sunny.
- a bit boring when no customers.
-sweats a lot
- ate solo meal 3 of Ideal in these 3 days.
- tired..

Good experience.

Get to know people and how they sell the cars, how competitive they are.

Get to know CARS~

Get to know the difference between Lancer EX and Lancer GT. XD

Actually planned to do detoxification tomorrow, but I just know that we have to reduced the foods we eat before we detox. urhh...have to postponed again.

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