Thursday, May 20, 2010

18th May

Today's tuition, we watched Pursuit of Happyness. The teacher wanted to show us personal values that we should have, being tough.
Was a late one, I almost can't enter hostel. Managed to reach hostel at 10.53pm, the curfew is 11pm.
I am very sensitive to anything related to foods, teacher mentioned pizza when we were about to leave, and when I was rushing to my car.
He said that he wanted to order pizza but the deliverer doesn't know the place.
Too bad~

Yesterday, Jason P. invited a group of us for badminton meet.
I don't know how to play badminton actually, Jackie said I have the style of table tennis.
Although I used a LOT of energy to hit the feather ball, but the ball never fly far lo.
Play a little while then I'm tired.
And now I'm suffering from muscle ache on my arms and my sexy legs.

Went to supper after tuition.
Went to KTM to eat seafood, because my appetite telling me that it wants to eat clam!

This is cheese prawn. And the cheese is just a lil bit.

Now I'm gonna show off my pressie from my lovely friends!

Hy gave concealer, what does that mean huh? xD
anyway, that's what I was going to buy lar!

JP gave mirror.

My boy gave me....

Photo album with photos

It has little notes inside it!!!

this thin piece of thing is actually...

a 3D card!!

I went to Hua ho.
After I paid for my stuffs, she asked "Have you receive ur birthday present?"
2 things come straight to my mind "Do I know you?" "How you know it's my birthday?"
Ok, she knows because I have Hua Ho member card, and she asked me to collect it at the...reception?

From seng yee

from chien and huey lu.

Do I miss anything? hope not.

And also thanks for the greetings.

I said in the previous post, my birthday reminds me the unhappiness happened last yr.

Receiving the greetings, gifts and love from my family and friends really make my day, feel loved and I appreciate.

hua hi tio ho (开心就好)!

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