Saturday, May 8, 2010

Dinner at Seasons

Daddy brought us to Seasons at Gadong for dinner.
We ate really full! Because they are all just so YUMMY!

Ain't my cute cousin looks like the Monster Inc girl?

They have Japanese foods

Oh man, the oyster or clam?? It smells stink, u bite it and it's juicy. I think it's disgusting, but I like the feel of juice bursting into the mouth, and it's cold.

Bet this is grapefruit. I drank the juice, this is the 1st time eating the fruit.

Ofcourse, they have Asian foods.
I love hongkong kailan!

Cream soup is one of my fav.

They have band too.
The vocal has a nice voice, she should wear something nicer, because they are wearing the waitress wear.
She's a Filipino.
She knows how to sing Chinese, Korean, English and Malay.
She sang 甜蜜蜜,how sweet.
If she wears dress. WHOOT! I don't think the customers want to leave.
Got dance floor somemore.


Tomorrow the Chua family is going to celebrate it.
Looking at the menus make me saliva dripping.
Great prizes for the games too. Vouchers~~~

I'm on holiday now people!
I'm so excited until I accidentally tore my exam paper when we about to submit it. LOL
Partially on holiday because I have citizen exam coming in June, and I need to go tuition :(

will tell you how great our mami's day is...

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