Thursday, May 6, 2010

10 yrs hair style

PRINCESS REAL NO MOOD, BEHSONG, AND BAD TEMPER TODAY! Better don't piss me off. If i ask u something, just answer, don't say "Go ask who who who". duuhhhh

Today is not what I have planned.
I woke up late today because my phone no batt, it was off and no alarm!
I wanted to make up sui sui before going out, but no time to.
I just want to solve the problem of my zig zag hair, my point is not to rebond!!!
I don't satisfy my hair, it's too flat!
My hair not worth the price! Well, because he told me its few tens ma.
I DON'T SATISFY MY HAIRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I kept asking my hairstylist that how he's going to cut?
He kept answering "Later".
After that, he didn't even ask me before he cut, I felt weird so I asked, "u going to trim?"
He said "Yes"
urrhhhh, same old hair style. Why didn't he tell me there's no way to cut?

Helen understand me the most. Altho, sometimes not satisfy, but they know my style!
Cheaper somemore.

Cannot sign in MSN somemore.

Don't even ask about my hair. DONT ASK!!!!!!!! I mean even if you see me.

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