Tuesday, May 4, 2010

PR not!

I was called to today's briefing about yellow IC exam at Bandar Immigration.

In case I'm blur, to avoid rushing and worry, ofcourse, I need to check out the way to immigration a day before, that was yesterday.
And HAH! I thought I found, I asked Hua if the building is green and he said NO. How great is that to have a Bandar boyfriend who will help you in everything about Bandar that you are not familiar with.
Ofcoz, a bandar friend will do. But, bf is more willing to bring you and help in EVERYTHING wa. see the difference? xD

There are many aunties and uncles joining the exam.
I saw my juniors and senior.
I met my Seria neighbour.

And NO! As my IC's address is not as detail as my real home address, just now I chose to write the IC's one.
And my friend told me that immigration sent letter one month later we apply, but I never receive it. That's mean they do send something.
I thought they just want the address for fun ><

I must pass this exam!
I don't want $1000+ tuition fees just fly away like that.
I don't want to pay uni fees anymore!
I want to reduce my dad's burden! opps, is that a burden? but anyway, the $$ can use at somewhere else, may be bring me to travel!
I want to get canteen's coupon, so I can get grapefruit drink for free!
Yellow IC has just so much benefits, who doesn't want it?

I just need to be tired for 2 more days, and I'm on holiday for 3 months!

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