Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Pink pendrive suits me

There's a meeting at UBD last few week. 2GB wristband pendrive is given to those who attend. I had class, so I cant attend, but I want it so much. Sart wa.

So, Min gave his to me ^^

I cannot tahan my hair anymore. Gonna deal with it tomorrow since no exam ^^

D'B**** Salon doesn't even want to discount, I just want to rebond the outer part of my hair, because it's still zigzag since I permed last year. Helen salon costs me $30 for rebond and dye eh. She said, "No matter how long is ur hair, long or short, lil or many, it still costs $100".
It's a package actually.
Then nevermind, I go to other salon.

Helen Salon always my 1st choice, they know my taste.
But since at Bandar, then just cut at Bandar la. Why Bandar salon so expensive!!??

I haven't sleep well these few days. I slept at 3am yesterday. 2+am the previous day.
I only sleep for 4-5hrs these days.

Gonna sleep good tonight...

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