Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day


And I said in the previous post that we celebrate the day!

Awesome MENU
1. Mashed Potatoes i'm a potato lover!
2. Prawn Fruits Salad
3. Chicken Ham with Mushroom Quiche
4. Vege Salad Roll

Main Course
1. Cheesy Wedges
2. Prawn & Tuna Lagsana
3. Japanese Curry Chicken
4. Rendang Chicken
5. Delicious Lo Mai Kai
6. Vietnam Spring Rolls/Vietnam Noodles
7. Rice

1. Cheese Cake
2. Chocolate Orange Mousse
3. Strawberry cheesecake

1. Coffee
2. Sky Juice/Cordial/Soft Drinks

1. Bingo
2. Mother's Day Card Contest (Below 12)
3. Mother and children Relay Game (Giant paws)
4. Twister

See how great our foods are?
So excited when I saw 3 diff potato dishes.

The gifts for the games:
1) A. Ayam Berjaya Restaurant Meal Voucher for B$20.00
2) The Mall Cineplex tickets for 2 paxs + 1 Pop-corn.
3) KFC Meal Voucher for B$15.00
4) Jollibee Meal Voucher for B$20.00


The giant paws

who is the fastest?

Me and my bro won for the 1st round, and final lost :(


kids 1st

Then the teens.

Too bad the adults didn't want to play. It will be funny for sure.

Strawberry cheese cake

chocolate moose

BINGO is a traditional game in our family
Attractive prizes too! *brows*

Rich man

Wu~ HD2


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