Wednesday, March 3, 2010

老公萬歲 & 女王辦公室

I'm currently having semester break. I thought it's a school holiday week, but it's not. This privilege only for UBD-ians. I feel relax after the torturing MIB assignments. But still have other assignments to be submitted next week.

I'm downloading 老公萬歲 (the better half).

Producer: Tong Kei Ming
Screenwriters: Law Chung Yiu
Cast: Michael Miu, Maggie Cheung, Michael Tse, Theresa Lee, Mandy Cho, Chu Wei Dak, Suet Nei, Wu Fung, Derek Kwok, Mimi Lo, Lee Fong, Grace Wong, Oscar Leung, Lo Meng, Rocky Cheng, Tony Yee, Jazz Lam, Samson Yeung, Ha Ping, Zac Ku, etc.
Length: 20 Episodes
Genre: Modern, Romance, Comedy

Haven't finish watching. It talks about husband and wife. Sometimes funny, sometimes bo-liao. The story, for me, it's not special enough.

and also download 女王辦公室 (OL supreme).
Haven't watch yet. Most of the movies acted by 汪明荃(阿姐) are not bad. So I think this series should be OKAY.

Looking forward to go Miri this coming Friday. Going to facial and take my retainer. I want to do shopping, I want to buy something, but I have nothing that I need. :( I love choosing things that I like and pay them, but I know I can't spend like that, that's why I don't know what to shop everytime when I go Miri. I can't believe I didnt buy CNY clothes last month at Miri, because I have bought enough at KK. I'm super save money for my future shop. YUPE! I'm going to set up a business in the future.

Although I love to eat Sugarbun's hot pot when I go down Miri, but I want to eat something different on this coming Friday. I ate at old street last month. Friends, any intro?

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