Saturday, March 20, 2010

Alice in Wonderland?

Aiya, no update for a long time.
Quite busy because I have presentation this morning, which went.....urm....a bit not so good. They asked a question about Islam, although I presented that part, but I read about Islam in books, so I just present whatever I read in that book. But they don't agree that point...
& & I didnt get to answer properly also because I don't know how to explain in Malay.
A big NO NO that I done, I forgot to say "Selamat Pagi" then straight away start to present. opps

Recently, people talk about Alice in Wonderland. I watched it today, wondering how interesting it is. But oh-no I slept....for few minutes xD I still don't know what's the main point of the movie.
I think what so nice about it, is it has 3-D, which we cannot watch in Brunei.

Her dresses are nice.

So many movies now in 3-D. Avatar, and soon, Dragon.

It's been long time that I don't shop for my own things. Most of the time groceries nia.
I bought 3 hairbands, actually want to buy one only, but cheaper price buying in 3 wa, business strategy, urhhh
They are all so nice. Since I only need one, so I thought about giving it to anyone who birthday, or may be just sell it to someone else. Let's see.

My bling bling butterfly pinned had broken :'(. That's my nicest pin.
Bo bian, so I need to buy one more. Pin is so useful you know, especially for people who are skinny, and can't fit the clothes, pin can help!
So I bought this, not as shiny as my previous one which costs $20+. This costs $10 and I "kill price" until $7.

Yay, tomorrow another hi-tea party at Rizqun! Love foods~

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