Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Boring and funny

Last Friday, there was something wrong with one part of my body, I then went to RIPAS to check. I got an infection, but to make sure everything is OK, I was asked for blood test and get the result in the other day.

I was gave antibiotics and I guess I have recovered.
I thought for a long time whether to get my blood test result because it's wasting time to wait for hours. I actually don't need to see results since I'm feeling OK, right? I thought of bringing my laptop to do my work while waiting.

But the result is still something crucial la. I went to check today, and my blood test is normal.
It was so paiseh that a male doctor explaining the female parts to me.
I thought cholesterol is something dangerous, but the doctor said it's normal to have a slightly high cholesterol.
I told the doc that I checked online the possibilities of my problem, one of the possibilities is bladder cancer. He laughed and said, "I haven't see any patient at ur age has a bladder cancer." x.x

And another possibility is STDs. God, u won't know how much I worry.
C told me that STDs only happen when you have sexual intercourse. But I have a doubt that, how the 1st person who has STDs got STDs?
I wonder beside having sexual intercourse, are there any other ways to get STDs?
But I know it wont be STDs la, =.= worry bout the bladder cancer only. HAHA


Tell u a joke of a chicken.
That day, when Hua wanted to rest a while in his car before going to work, he suddenly smelled something gross. He thought that may be there's some POO or what.
He opened the back of his car, and found a chicken inside his car POO-ing.

He recalled, he washed his car the previous day and opened the doors of his car, may be that time the chicken jumped in. Without noticing it, he closed the door, and the chicken overnight in his car. HAHA

How funny that he brought his chicken to work. HHAHAHAHAHHA

Too bad that chicken been taken by someone else, if not, that chicken can be sold to restaurants nearby.

His mami must be sad, because the chicken is hers.

Many works to do...

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