Monday, March 1, 2010


I saw my idol again! I saw the bicycle man again, those who travel around the world using their bicycle! I saw him at Miri few months ago, I did waited for him, but I can't wait long. This time, I saw him again, twice! First is when I was going up to Bandar at 10+am, but he was at another lane, so I can't call him. When I was going back to Seria, again saw him at Sg.Liang.

I kept thinking should I stop my car and wait for him, and take a picture of him. Since I got time, there's no lose for me to wait. So I decided to park my car at the road side. He was so slow, I waited him for 30 mins. Huey Lu passed by me and thought there was a problem with my car, xD.

30 mins later, finally I saw him. I readied my camera. When he passed by me, I knocked my window, but he ignore me =.= I can't go down of my car, how if he's not a good guy, how if someone take chance to go into my car and drive away? For my security purposes, I just stayed in my car. He passed by me, without stopping. But it makes sense that, who would stop for a stranger!? xD I can't believe I did this so insane-ly that I thought I was crazy. Waited a stranger for 30 min, and I was not sure if he's the guy who travel around the world, he may be those who want to do some sports by riding bicycle. U know, ang moh love adventure.

Oh ya, I should horn him to ask him stop, and let me take a picture of him, I planned to do that. But, I saw him not really old, and his bags are adidas and nike, is he a bicycle-traveler? I doubt. How if he's not, how if he's just want to do some sports, then that will be very embarrassing if I ask him.

So, hmmm, at least I see him near.

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