Friday, March 26, 2010

Bukit Shahbandar trip

I bought a new bat, cost $108, the cheapest. My coach helped me to choose.
Coach: What bat u use?
"No! Just like when I ask u, what car u drive? You tell me suzuki. Suzuki has many models too."

Of course, I hope I can play well and become national player when I have this bat. Then it's worth and meaningful xD. *dreaming*. I want to win in PSK!

For a person who plays table tennis everyday, they change their bat's skin very often, about 1 week or 1 month I forgot what the coach said. And one skin can costs more than $50. The more expensive it is, the better la I assume.

Went to Bukit Shahbandar with the hostel mates. It has 9 hills altogether, and we hiked 5 of them. Quite fast, we finish the journey at about 1 hr+.

Warm up 1st.

The 1st hill is si beh tired, because we have to climb stairs. I breathed hardly in the beginning of the 1st hill, my heart almost pumped out xD

This is adventurous, yet dangerous. It can be slippery.

And we kept resting halfway.
While we were inhaling some oxygen, the ang moh said he wasn't even tired =.=

Min (my coach) said, "what's so fun about hiking? It's just walking!"
ok~ let's run the mountain!

We can see clearly that, UBD is at the very right,
and Empire Hotel is at the very left.
Brunei so small!

See, that's the empire at the very left.

We continued the hike...

Rest again.

And we had a nearer view of Empire Hotel.

Finally finished the hike.
They have a playground, not really a playground...
But things for you to exercise...
exercise ur legs...


and legs...

They have other things too actually.

Foot massage!!


I sometimes being very emo.
My dad currently abroad, and he sms-ed me that he bought many things for me. awww...:'( touched

I accidentally dropped my E-sprit watch on the floor, I heart pain la, moody again.
Hua said, it's just a watch. No! It's from my dad.

Hua said that he didn't want to watch Alice in Wonderland. My tears dropped. "It's just a movie~"
No! My friends invited me, I choose to go with you. But in the end, I still slept in the cinema xD

A not-so-close friend offered me a drink when I was waiting for someone. oww....

Hostel mates cook for me everytime...owww! I help also okay, but recently kinda busy nia.

ok, emo ends.

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