Wednesday, March 17, 2010

NO for NOodles

I slept again just now for 1 hr +, this is why I always 失眠.

I thought that the dinner just now I need to go out and eat, phew, luckily, they cooked.
So afraid of eating restaurants' foods and instant noodles. Mami's cook is always the best. During our sem break few weeks ago, I didnt even eat instant noodles but rice for the whole week. How great is that!
Tomorrow friend's daughter birthday, if I go, then it will be one of the happy dinners I have.
If not, I'm gonna eat NOODLESSSS again. Let's see my workload.

Got an enjoyable discussion this evening, when funny people having funny personality in a group discussing funni-ly just make the day just so FUNNY. Not funny la, just that we kept laughing all the way. I never thought discussion can be that fun, when I always have a very serious discussion with other groups.
Serious is good too *peace*

Since today I don't have class, so I went to work.
I sesat again, not sure to where, somewhere that I've never been before, somewhere a new mosque is now otw building. Have no idea where was I.
I missed U-turns and finally did u-turn after that. I'm not sure which one is the 2nd way to come back UBD, but I'm sure that the way that I used just now is a BIGGG round.
I should have ask Hua how to go back but I didn't. Brunei's not big, u won't drive out of Brunei because there will have a custom telling u, "This is the end of Brunei."

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