Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Japanese Culture Week

Yay!! Tomorrow Japanese Culture Week begins! Looking at the schedule, it looks fun and interesting. Omoshiroi desu ne...

I'm gonna join the fun on every activity. Looking forward for the Japanese Fashion Competition on this Friday 3-4pm; and Japanese cooking demo on this saturday 3-4pm, Im gonna bring ah Hua to go, ask him to learn and cook for me.

Well, I guess outsiders can join or come to have a visit. From 10th March to 13th March, at Chancellor Hall. Different kinds of show every day. Tomorrow, they will present Wokaido (music I guess), Tatsumaki dance and clothing trends. From 2.30-6pm.

Yesterday's lecture about Social Etiquette in Business, about Japan-Brunei relations. And the lecturer told us how and what Japanese do, and the meanings of their action.
In Japan,
1. masculinity is the highest characteristic.
2. women should wear low-heeled shoes to avoid towering over men. (haha)
3. Woman should NOT wear pants because the men will feel offended. The men think that pants belong to them, women should wear skirt.
4. Avoid doing "OK" sign, it means money. (wah~ many pattern)
5. Woman has to talk softly.

I sometimes think that, how good if I'm Japanese, they are so fashion and it's normal if they wear funnily.
They always invent new things, hi-tech.
But ho, after the lecture, I find that woman seems like has no position in Japan, may be not for all the places in Japan, may be just part of it? May be, this depends on the individuals? They seems like lots of rules to follow.


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