Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Wise decision

Whenever I make decision, I always think whether this decision will make me regret or not.
Some decisions are hard to make, really!

You can get advice from people, but don't blame people if u take people's advice.
Because I'm afraid that I will blame people if I take their advice, so I normally will decide myself after listening to different advices.
Or I'll just decide myself without asking anyone.

But I will stick to my decision once decide.
That's when my friends say I am a stubborn girl ^^

Whether I should go study abroad, is a big decision too.
I'm afraid I can't cope.
I'm afraid I fail and waste the money.
But if I don't go, I'm afraid I will regret that I didn't take the chance to study abroad when I'm young.
But I plan to study master, all depend on my degree's result.

Whether or not to cancel the Australia ticket is a decision too. haha
But daddy ask me to concentrate study.
But but....I will sometimes think of it to make myself happy, I LOVE to travel.
I will marry a husband who is willing to bring me travel at least once a year ^^

Oh, I thought of going travel alone like my friends.
But I don't think I can make it, I'm afraid of boredom. I like to talk.
I don't feel safe walking on a unfamiliar street.
I like to travel with friends ^^
I want my travel photos consists of more than one person.

Even in Brunei, I don't like to shop or eat alone.
I will at least ask a friend out to accompany me, unless I'm busy.
But sometimes do things alone is OKAY because I'm a slow shopper.
I take a long time to choose my thing lol

I dislike when I need to make decision.
Sometimes, I will just ask my friends to decide those small matter, like where to go lunch.
Decision that affects my life, I will never ask people to decide.
May be I will ask my parents, since parents are the only one I will listen to.

If my friend ask me out, at the same time my parents ask me out too, I will go and accompany my family.
Good daughter I know ^^
Now u know I will never listen to anyone, but my parents.

The only thing I wont ask my parents, is my love life.
Boyfriend/husband is mine, not my parents'.
Of course, I will worry whether I choose the right partner or not.
I don't support divorce, unless my partner betray me.

I'm not a god, there are times that I make wrong decision, and I regret...

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