Friday, November 5, 2010

When they need friends...

Guess you have heard the commit suicide case at government building. I think the police blocked the road and caused traffic jam for 3 hours.

When I heard about this, I thought the next day the press will post about the case with reasons why the girl commit suicide.
Sometimes when I read the newspapers about a special case, people would like to know the reasons behind, and expect the reporters will find out. However, sometimes the articles just tell you WHEN WHAT HOW's the case, but never mention WHY.

People are more interested in everything, especially WHY.

Commit suicide is a stupid act. But I believe when a person is over depress, they cannot think wisely and this lead them to do something stupid, or may be something that they will regret.
I did stupid things too, and regret for most of the time.

A friend of mine just broke up with the boyfriend and felt sad.
She called me and asked if I can accompany her.
I will accompany her to do whatever she wants (exclude dying), because I understand how sad it is and how much they need friends.

I experienced this before, and thanks to the friends who accompanied me.
Which actually turned the saddest time to my happiest moment ever.
Oh, I miss the July ^^
And that time was one of my most busy time, as I have citizenship tuition for a month, dance practice for a month and party for a month LOL
And I can look for my lovely cousin anytime I want, but she's in UK now :(

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