Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Action turns dream to reality

I'm hardworking because:
- I check my FB 10 minutes a time.
- I read blogs
- Watch youtube

I hope I can concentrate study after blogging. URGH~

Why not nervous?
- Ofcourse I am. Urm, coz I done studying for tomorrow's exam, just need revise nia.

I'm so looking forward to December!
Parties and I'm going to Brisbane!

I asked a friend from New York who is studying Business Management too, like me, asked her about her uni.
Well, I found that those students who take major in Business Management hates Economics and Accounting.
Damn, I got a P in economics, and I can feel my Accounting is getting P.

My lecturer told us that the Accounting exam will be hard, what's the point they set a hard paper and make the students fail?

While I bo xim studying, I watch funny videos like 荃加福祿壽. So damn hilarious.
Hmm...plan to go Hy's house to watch wahahahahahah

I was craving for fish mee yong tau fu at Rooster Crow.
I ate twice this week.
Guess I already sienz eating that mee LOL

I'm gonna save money to travel around the world.
I wish I can go UK, Macau, Canada, Las Vegas before I die.

friends, please save yours too so we can go in a group! ^^

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