Thursday, November 11, 2010

Proud to be a Dancer

I watch this more than 30 times, still I'm not bored with it.

I hope I can perform this song :p

It's not like u can perform whatever u want, and anytime u want.
Performance is all depends on what the event is and what time it is.

Time matters I think hehe
I'm more energetic in dancing at the night time than the day time.
I get high when the music is LOUD.

Chinese, Japanese, english, korean modern dance, they all differ!
English has more booty shaking.
I actually like the style of chinese, Japanese and korean modern.

When I start dancing?
I didn't know I can dance until I performed at Sengkurong in front of government! a chinese modern dance.
I danced Jolin Tsai's 睁一支眼,闭一支眼 with Hy and Minna。you can check the video out.
I'm not sure how good it is, as I didn't record a video.
But I was shocked + excited + I-can't-believe-it when the judges said they actually chose us to be the champion.
But, they found that we are just performing, and not joining the competition. *bad*
However, our certificate had written "Dancing competition- Police Cadet - Champion!" although we didn't get the trophy.

After than, it boosts my confidence in dancing field.
Then I start joining lots of performance and competitions.
I really learn A LOT from the experiences, learnt from mistakes is the most important.

Before, I joined every performances even though I didn't practice well, even though I didn't lead my team well.
And it sometimes resulted in a mess, and it was embarrassing.
From this experience, I will always make sure I'm clear of every dance steps, and make sure my dance mates do well too.

Believe it not?
I never lose in dancing competition, this is the truth!
All the competition that me and my dance mates joined, my team always got Champion, and only one time got the second.
Few dances are lead by me *paiseh*
I have few different dance groups actually...

There are few times that I'm afraid of joining competition, because I'm afraid I'll lose.
Ofcourse I understand that a competition has a winner and losers, you learn from mistakes when you lose.
Well, if I'm not the one who lead the dance, I might not be that hurt if we lose :p

Ya la, I know I kiasu, but who doesn't want to win?

It's been a long that I didn't dance chinese modern dance, because few of the performances recently I joined the malay dance group.

These are the videos of dances that I performed.
I regret that not every dance I joined have recorded *urggg*

We got champion in this:

Champion too:

Champion ^^:

Performing for chinese new year, it's a bit UMMMM at the end:

This is practicing, a bit messy. Eldy was my best dance partner, we have a chemical bond:

I don't like interpretative dance:

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