Sunday, November 28, 2010

Your one and only source into the scandelous lives of Manhattan's elite

Ok, it's 4.15am, I'm in the middle of my revision, and I'm so excited that I wanna blog about this now.

I got a friend who born in Malaysia, she then moved to Brunei and now in NEW YORK!

Life's sometimes sad when u think that u're kicked like a ball from here to there.
You need to experience a lot of times separating from your friends and relatives, and those who had taken care of you.

But, think in this way, when you have been to a lot of places where others may not have the chance, you can feel you are lucky.
Some people may not have the experience of living through 4 seasons owh~

I, who like to travel, may not have the chance to go NY too.

What was so excited is, she mentioned Manhattan.
This reminds me about Gossip Girl.
The scenes in Gossip Girl are exactly how NY looks like!!!!
And my friend is staying there!
Ny = a fashion city

Is Kimora Lee NY too? hmmm

ok conclusion, NO ONE will not WOW if you say New York.

Even when the American Next Top Model announced to the girls that, "We are going to New York!!"
And the girls will shout insane-ly, "ARRRRHHHHH!! I'm going to NY!"

You see how cool is New York?

I feel the high class-ness of New York when Serena Van Der Woodson and the 4 women in Sex and the City are walking on the street.

I know I look stupid and ting-san-gua when talking about NY.
What makes the whole story so exciting when your friends know more than you, and they keep telling about that thing.
I'm a curios baby, and I like smart person who knows more than me.

ah ha....when I say "I like smart person who knows more than me",
makes me think of Jason P. His English is super deep compare to a chinese educated person like me.

I got a secret, shhhh:
I always have a dictionary beside me whenever I chat with him, or else I really don't understand what he's talking about. lol
But new words learnt.
If we're talking face to face, "I don't know what are you talking about" occurs a lot in our conversation. haha
Sometimes I just act like I understand.
I don't wish to show people too much of my stupidity.

That's the reason why Kao Yin always WOW when I say I understand.
sometimes very kek sim to hear that WOW


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