Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I don't feel tired when shopping

It's holiday!
so went to shopping this whole day, Gadong and Times Square.
And dinner at Shikai.

These are what I get:
Everyone is crazy of this, even the guys!
So I got the sample.

Aowa salesman approach and gave us a "Free gift" voucher.
We got a container.

Got this at Etude.
Gonna try one.

The bling bling eyeshadow.

Got a nice top too.

Body shop releases a winter series of make up.
They are all bling bling, and very party feel.

This thing below....

What do you think it is?

a perfume?

That's what I'm thinking.

Yvonne sprayed it her hand.
I walk quickly toward Yvonne and smelled her hand.
Yvonne: urrm....It's not perfume. It's.......glitter~

I just inhaled, my nostrils are now bling bling.

I love this kind of make up table.
Laneige and Lawa-Lawa have one!
I feel like I'm a 70's superstar with the bulb beside.

And this door...
any problem that you can spot?
Not clear enough?

Is this clearer?
What's the point of the door?

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