Thursday, December 2, 2010

What a girl does

Went to visit the new residential college of UBD.
It's for UBD and ITB students.
It's really nice! Nicer than apartments.

The cafeteria

Common room

They have Brailles on every label.

Living room

Love the bar


roof top?
It will be closed for the normal times, to prevent people murder or suicide once they feel stress.
It's good that they thought about this, because when I look down from the top, it's really scary and dangerous.
As the wall is on the height of our chest.
If you stay in premium room, you can have the sea view from your room.

If you wanna look for someone, u can talk to that thing (circle in red)

The normal room is $250 per month
The premium is $350 if not mistaken

The only difference between normal and premium is, Premium has:
1. Astro
2. Bed sheets and blanket
3. cookery
4. DVD player

I always go facial at Miri.
But I went in to a salon and found that they have facial too, and almost the same price.
The normal facial costs $45 + 20% discount.
I tried, but I'll prefer the V-Beauty in Miri ^^
The shop is all in pink!
They have really nice interior design

I think they are major in nail arts.
Comparing to other nail salon, I think their price is OK.

Salon name: Almost @ Paradise
Location: Same block as May Fang at Tungku Link

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