Monday, December 13, 2010

Brisbane + Gold Coast Part 1

Brisbane is the capital of Queensland.
A nice place to enjoy life, but not shopping.
Some of their things are made in China but expensive.
Weather is hot for the first few days of my trip.
Some guys on the street didn't wear any clothes *HOT*, while some girls wear bikini nia.
Crows are everywhere in Brisbane *GUAK GUAK*

Sleepy eyes. My flight was at 9.50pm. Reach Brisbane at 6+am aust. time

The plane was VERY big and long. The seats are 3, 3, 3.
We had 2 meals in plane, and TV.
They have movies like Expandable, Salt, comedy and cartoons.

The remote control

On the other side is the phone, u can call by inserting ur credit card.

around 5am aust time, u can see sun rise

Tour in Brisbane

The environment in Aust. is similar to Brunei.
Roads are the same, drivers are on the right.
However, the place is much more cleaner than Brunei, including the washrooms.
Guess it's because ang moh is more team-working.

Many weddings are held in this church

This is Brisbane


Paradise Country

water fountain

This is Paradise Country.
Behind me is Brisbane River

You can see these nice wooden houses in Paradise Country

No one stay inside, they just want to keep these antiques

Driver dropped us to eat something before heading to Paradise Country Farm:
I don't like their bread, it tastes very different from Brunei's

The foods are all big size even though we ordered "Small" size.
I wonder how big is their "Big".

In Aust, one set of meal you can share with another person, the portion is big.


This is Paradise Country Farm:

They have sheep shearing show, the host was very entertaining and funny:

The guy on the left is bold, the host put the sheep fur on his head LOL

They have an open air cafe

Buffet is free

Their fish is very nice!

All the koalas kept sleeping

Kangaroo posing

Camel ride AU$10

After that, we went back to hotel (Paradise Resort Hotel)
They have different activities every day, u can check from their website.
Suppose every Saturday they have Polynesian dance + BBQ night, but it was canceled last week.
I was so excited to watch the dance~ aiii

I stayed in Paradise Resort Hotel

Braids are popular there, u can see the booths at theme parks, or shopping centre.
It's not cheap, but the ang moh like it.


The first night, we dine in a chinese restaurant, we walked from the hotel:
The foods are very salty~
I will not recommend this restaurant.

After that, we walked around and I bought things!
I thought I wont be buying anything because things are expensive la, But I couldn't resist.

weather is hot, but the wind is cold

Kangaroo essence. EWWW~
I ate kangaroo meat, tastes like Ba Gua.

The kids' reaction were funny when they saw this.

u see a father sex educating the son?

i saw a lot of crysler, and few limo there


The next day, we went to Movie world:
You can see what I played

That roller coaster is crazy!

Batman's car

This is my first ride in Movie World, super fast but it doesn't look fast in this video.
I don't understand why no one screams.

who are they?
They asked us, "Where do you come from?"
Us: Brunei
They: Oh! Brunei's good! No taxes.
My mom: o! 没有计程车。(No taxi)

Didn't enter because it opens at 1pm

This is one of the best shows!

Me in 3d glasses

they have china town

The hot dog super big!
That was my lunch, almost can't finish it.

Scooby-Doo ride.
Friends, u must try this!
The first thing comes to my mind when u say Scooby Doo is spooky.
So I thought it's a ride where some ghosts jump out and scare u off.
As old people and small kids are Q-ing, we thought it's something OK, so my whole family Q too.
Damn it, it's actually something like roller coaster.
...and I was not ready.

kid's giant drop

Accompanied my bro to play merry-go-round
that's the only thing he dares to play....he's a coward

Well, I played lots of exciting games but didn't take pictures.
You should go and experience urself.
Must try all the games that make u SCREAM ur lungs out while you're young.

After movie world,
It's a tall tower and you can look around Brisbane from the top.
it has 77 floors.


the street

I'll recommend u this chinese restaurant, the foods not bad.

Rice is in the bucket, isn't like Brunei that we have them in a bowl.
So don't be sakai and ask, "hey, where's the rice?"

They have a market near Surfer Paradise.

Brunei market sells foods and fake-branded stuffs.
Australia's market sells handmade stuffs. You can see how talented and creative are they.

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