Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I'm emo

I feel like it's been long that I haven't update my blog.

I actually wanna blog few days ago about my thoughts of my dad's business, I typed till half and I felt tired. Thinking to type the rest at home, but nah....I need the mood to blog about a topic.

Everyone's asking how to celebrate new year eve. I plan to go Miri, but my mom said "GO LA GO LA" behsong-ly. So what now?

I have a small BBQ party on the 1st. My dad organising it.
Due to some reasons, I don't want to organise it at my home anymore~~
since my dad organise it, then OK!

I said that I'm being emotional in my FB status.
Yea, I forgot my M is coming soon. gonna help advertise lim peh's thing.

Check my blog again!

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