Sunday, December 26, 2010

X'mas 2010

Happy Belated Christmas!

I celebrated with my family on the 24th.
We exchanged gifts.
Eat ho-liao.

This is the menu and all cooked by us:

1) Chicken Mushroom Quiche
2) Coleslaw Salad
3) Veggie Salad
4) Sushi

Main Course
1) Green Authentic Curry Fillet-o-fish
2) Baked Cheesy Mashed Potato
3) Vege Tempura

4) Mee Goreng d Teriyaki Way

5) Carrot Fried rice

6) Juicy Soury Pork-Leg KL Style

7) Garlic Butterisch Rice

8) Roasted Chicken

1) Strawberry cheesecake
2) Chocolate Truffles
3) Apple Crumbles with Vanilla Ice Cream
4) All-time-Favourite Mango Pudding
5) Yummy Fruitti Cocktail

1) Iced Coffee Float
2) White Aromatic Coffee

3) Silky Milk Tea

1) Gift Exchange
2) Guessing Game

fabulous? yes!

that's not oily, that's shiny.
I wiped few times, and its still like that.

not leng? mmm

I watched 3D in cinema.
Gulliver's Travel in 3D
The 3D doesn't make a big difference, it looks normal.
The movie is good.

me and my family overnight at Bandar in Radisson Hotel.
We eat, shop and watched movie.
And found that Brunei's really not a shopping paradise.
We don't know where to go~

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