Sunday, December 5, 2010

Hap-Hap @ Miri

Went to Miri.
I got the forth pierce on my ear. Pain, but not as pain as the third one.

Parkson got a hair show.
I like the host, so funny. Gu Jian Long, u must be heard of him.

See the hair in green, sart!

After that went to hap-hap.
A lot of Bruneian like usual.

this guy didn't tell me he's staying in Miri
He brought me to Miri, left at 6pm thinking he's going back to Brunei
but saw him outside the bar at 10.
LAUGH LOUD LOUD (if u know what I mean *wink*)

I wanna take picture with the girl, but didnt get the chance.

I stomachache since yesterday morning, shopping half way felt like want to pangsai.
Hap-hap half way also felt like want to pangsai.

Going to Brisbane on Wednesday.
Will reach Brisbane in the morning 5am. Gonna sleep in the plane.

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