Thursday, December 16, 2010

Brisbane + Gold Coast Part II


What I played:

Must play!
The ride will reverse in a high speed to...

...this tower of THAT high!
Don't get what I mean? Try urslelf!

I thought of Avril when I saw this

You drive me craaazy~

AAAHHHHHHH is the only word to describe

Spongebob Show

I like my 'WOHOOO' in this video:

There was a lot that I played but didn't take pictures.
The best of the theme park is the Waterworld. Was not convenient to bring camera because it was Wet and Wild.
Don't be karit and must pay for Waterworld theme park, u won't regret!
I can't describe HIGH and EXCITEMENT of the games but yea, I screamed in most of the games I played.

The water slides....BEEST!

It rained on the day I went, well, I still paid for it and play.


Clock Hotel

It's a hotel, restaurant, a bar, a place to listen the hitz.

We were given this pager when we ordered.
We were very sua ku and didn't know how should we know if our order is done.
well, the pager beats.

We waited quite a long time for our order and wondered is it Asians need to wait longer.

Actually wanna try what's nice in their bar, but...that was very disturbing so I ordered Chivas Coke again.
I forgot that I need to take medi as I was sick.
Well, I'm still alive with alcohol+medi

The Australia Beer XXXX is super bitter *yuck*

Their foods not bad yea.
Can try at Clock Hotel


Went shopping at
Pacific Fair Shopping Center

They have boutiques selling cheap clothes.
Not very cheap, but the cheapest in Australia?
Clothes at around AU$5, 10, etc

the long biscuits

They have this bubble game for kids.
Air is pumped into the bar and kids are inside and playing on the water.

I bought Kangaroo Balls Lighter Holder
They are real balls!
Feel like what? disgusting and hairy

I bought a bag, a sunglasses, few sexy tops, souveniers, wallet....etc

Very satisfying trip!

KOREA the next!

:'( Actually wanna go to Taiwan this coming March, but I will not be on holiday.

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