Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I'm going to Singapore!

I want to do something during my semester break. Urm, I mean I want to go travel.

The plan started from I planned to go UK, but the UK friends are all busy or some are coming back to Brunei, so it was a wrong timing.

Then I planned to go Singapore, I was so excited for Marina Bay and Universal Studio that I rather spend my money to somewhere I never been to.
But friends prefer the more economical travel like KK or KL.
But I'm not interested in KK and KL because I've been there a lot.
And I haven't been to Singapore since Marina Bay was built.

Anyway, it's cool to be affordable when traveling, so the dream of going to Singapore comes true!
I can't wait the time when I start working and earning own money, I can go anywhere I want!

I hope the plan goes well, so I'm planning to go Marina Bay.
Check out the cool pictures below:

This is what I'm excited for! The feel-like-dying pool

Ofcourse, not missing the Universal Studio. I love theme parks.

I knew Sticky hand-made candy shop but never tried the candies till few days ago, it tastes nice.
So, I hope I'm able to go 6 Eu Tong Sen street to visit there.

Crowd watching the process of making the candies.

*all above are Yahoo pictures.

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