Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The first fishing

No, it's not using hook nor sit down there and wait for the fish.

It's more adventurous where to the men went down to the deep sea holding a net and catch the fish.

It was my first time fishing. There was few times where the girls asked me to go fishing, I was lazy, tired, or may be the weather is hot, or may be I was not interested in sitting there and wait the time to pass.

Since now I'm on my holiday, why not? hehe

One person would be on the shore

Another one will go down to the deep sea, coz there's where the fishes are

It's cool when they start to pull the net on shore, and you can see fishes stuck into the net.
Urm...it may somehow look a bit cruel and pity the fishes, but well, you eat fish too, and that's how the fishes are caught.

this fish has its eyes on top

If you think Brunei beach doesn't have jelly fish, uh huh, you better watch out.
We caught few of them, and it's dangerous if you got sting by them.

the fishes we caught

see the sharp mouth fish?

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