Thursday, May 26, 2011

Consumer Fair @ ICC

I'm always excited for consumer fair.
A lot of things to see, promotions, etc etc.

The funny thing is, like I saw just now, salesman uses mic to promote their stuffs and attract the crowd.
And few salesmen in a row, all using mic, and they kept promoting their stuffs, trying to grab business, and it's kinda noisy, because we can't even hear properly what this salesman say as u also can hear the salesman next door are promoting his things too. LOL

Consumer Fair I guess will held from today till Sunday.
I may go again this Friday or Saturday. Definitely not Sunday.
If u love crowd, and if u love the feel of hard breathing,if u love traffic jam, u can go on Sunday.

Meet the Hello Kitty @ ICC

I saw a guy sitting at the corner having a nap like that, I went close and took a picture.
Creepy thing is, few seconds later, we realise that the guy is just a soft toy/fake man.

RanoAdidas at the same time and same place celebrating the 8th anniversary.

Red Bull has a booth there

buy a set and entitled to play games and win IPad!!!!

the games,
u need to kick...

need to shoot...

need to blow...

A lot of booths there, go check them out.

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