Thursday, May 5, 2011

Capers Italian Pasta Restaurant

I think this picture taken by me is nice ^^

I was invited to HW's birthday dinner at Capers, an Italian restaurant, which is famous of their 'eat all you can' promotion.
This 'eat all you can' offer is for every evening 5pm to 11pm.

Adult: BND$14.80 per person, Kids below 10 years old: BND$7.50 per person.
The buffet only include pasta and pizza from the menu.
If you order the main course, drinks, desserts then there will be additional charge.

If you can't finish what you have ordered then there gonna be extra charges.

The pasta and pizza are tasty. Too bad I didn't get to try my favourite carbonara, because I was too full and paiseh la~ lol

I didn't take a lot of pics of the foods, again, because I paiseh ><

I know I will have another chance to dine there, so I'll take more delicious pics, also, it depends who I'm going with.

Some friends who are not that close to me, I normally behave more and feel embarrassing if I keep taking pics of the foods because I need to stop them for a few seconds for me to take a picture of their foods, and I feel they gonna be like "hmm~ why is this girl keep taking the pics of the foods. I want to eat~"

I tried their side orders too. Not sure what's the real name of the dish, but it's salmon.
The salmon tastes really nice, and you're gonna take the 2nd one after you eat the first.

Capers, an Italian restaurant,
Location: 2nd Floor, Seri Kiulap Complex, Kiulap (same building as Jungle Gym)
#: 2234000
Adult: BND$14.80
Kids below 10: BND$7.50

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